September 15, 2011

T&M Sharing in the car

Major breakthrough! Look at the snapshot above. What do you see? You may say that you just see 2 kids reaching over to each other or you may notice the tiny piece of puffed corn kernel between their fingertips.

Do you know what I see? I see a little bit more freedom for myself while I’m driving. Normally I’d have to push the driver seat all the way back so I was within arms reach of my son. This way I could hand back little puffed corn or other snacks for him to keep him calm during drives. This also made it a very uncomfortable way to drive as my legs would have to be stretched to press the gas and brake pedals. With this discovery that the kids can reach each other (barely), I can merely hand the whole bag to T and she can feed him for me! This is brilliant stuff! Of course this also means that she’ll be eating half the bag. Small price to pay I guess.

PS. I took the snap shot while at a stop sign. Don’t worry, the vehicle wasn’t moving at the time.