Westinghouse Television

November 2, 2012

I purchased a 26″ Westinghouse LCD widescreen television about 3 years ago. Just this week it has failed to work. Well it turns on but there is no picture. The white indicator light is on meaning the television is on. Also I hear the sound of the satellite station from the speakers. Blank screen though.

I’ve tried many things including unplugging the tv in hopes that it would somehow reset itself. TV’s are pretty much small computers anymore. I adjusted cords in case they got loose from the normal vibration of the earth. I pressed every button on the remote. There’s not much I didn’t do that would normally fix issues like this.

Well I went ahead and sent an email to the company. No reply yet. Being impatient I went ahead and searched the instruction booklet for a customer service phone number. I’ve attached an image of the page below:


I challenge anyone reading this to call that number. Don’t worry, you won’t get a customer service rep. I assure you I won’t be purchasing anymore Westinghouse products in the future.

Hey but one bright side. I got this dandy magnetic screwdriver that came in the manual bag 🙂



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